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宮古島の本格治療系整体術&ハワイアンロミロミ。世界で話題のヘンプオイルトリートメント 宮古島の本格治療系整体術&ハワイアンロミロミ。世界で話題のヘンプオイルトリートメント

Welcome to aloha-dou

  Hello, Welcome to Miyako island.
Alohadou is a Spa in Miyako island
in Okinawa.It is in part of south of Miyako
island and so nice view and quiet. Around Alohadou, thear are only sugar canes, so quiet and peaceful.
You can enjoy so wonderful relax time!
We have transportation sarvice!

Please enjoy our massage and relax time!

I will aloso give you nice
information about Miyako.

I hope you will have a very nice
time in Miyako island.

  open 9:00~19:00
adress: Miyakojimashi gusukube sunakawa 538-7
call or mail for reservation




★90min  6,500yen
★60min  4,500yen

Shiatsu is not too hard, not painful.
We will approach to your energy line with
deep push by fingers.
I recomend this for headache, pain of back,
lower back,shoulder,knee,neck,etc.
You can aloso enjoy relax time.

Hawaiian oiltreatment
~Lomi lomi~

★60min 5,500 yen
★90min 7,500 yen
 Lomi lomi is a Hawaian oil treatment.
We will use natural aroma oil for all of your body.
This is so rhythmical touch like waves.
You can enjoy time like a dream and it will remove your
stress and pain of your body.

 ・sensitivity to cold
・muscle stiffness
・relax of body and mind
・remove your stressgood for

Facial & headmassage
★30min 3,000yen

Facial & clay pack
★ 60min 6,000yen

Facial & headmassage

After aroma oil massage for face,we will
give massage for head,neck,ear.And we will
use so wonderful Miyako’s nutural harb cosme
that we can recomend for sensitive skin.Facial & head massage

Facial & clay pack

This is a set of facial course.
You can try Miyako’s clay(kucha) pack.
Kucha is from deap miyako's ocean. And it is full of mineral.
After that your skin will be so soft and bright.Facial & clay pack

Gettou oil treatment
★60min 6,000yen
★90min 8,000yen

Gettou is a famous miracle harb in okinakawa.
This massage use oil have a lot of gettou
essens in Sesami oil.
・moisturizing action
・a lot of polyhenol and mineral
・insomnia resolved
・stress reductiongood for
 Hemp oil treatment
(with EM cosmic hemp)
★60min 7,000yen
★90min 9,000yen

We use Hemp oil from seeds of hemp progenitor from Nepal.
 It is so natural and powerful.
You will feel toataly defference from anoter oil massage.

 ・a lot of essential amino acid
・excellent penetration and moisturizing force
・good for sensitive skin and atopic skin